Syracuse City Ballet



From the Wings

"From the Wings", a documentary film made by SU graduate student, Paul Capotosto was shown in April by the Syracuse Film Festival. 


It aired November 30th at 2:00pm on WCNY 24.1

and December 1st at 7:00pm on WCNY 24.4.


See some clips below.





"The Syracuse City Ballet is an amazing company of young talented dancers. The amount of work and dedication that everyone brings everyday is incredible. It is so easy to forget what goes into putting on a production of this size and quality with the attention to detail and perfection that the Syracuse City Ballet strives for. On that stage, the whole production looks effortless. Starting right from auditions all the way to the final performance, everyone involved gives it their all.  With its ups and downs and unexpected surprises, every ballet each season brings something new and special. This documentary tries to capture this remarkable journey as a community comes together to put on a professional performance that brings life and excitement to the City of Syracuse. "​

~Paul Capotosto