Inspiring Our Youth Through Dance

Syracuse City Ballet is dedicated to giving youth the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and power of ballet through various outreach programs. The programs extend to students of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, with levels of introduction to dance appropriate for each group. Focusing on discipline, teamwork, creativity, and confidence; our programs instill the determination and commitment it takes to achieve goals. We strongly believe the power that dance brings to our youth as they become our artists and audiences of tomorrow.

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Outreach Programs


In our Big Stage Program, students will have the opportunity to be completely immersed into the current ballet production that the company is gearing up to perform. Our Ballet Mistress and a few selected Corps de Ballet members will visit schools and transform the auditoriums/cafeterias/gyms into their very theater. Students will be introduced to ballet technique, learn pieces of choreography directly from the show, learn about the musical score, the plot and characters, as well as all theater aspects that are needed to produce the show.

Our  popular "A Children's Nutcracker" is an example of one of our Big Stage outreach programs. We can also provide the Big Stage Program for our spring production which varies each year. 


Preschool/Early Education Program

This program introduces young children to the joy of movement and basic ballet and dance technique.  Our instructors will visit your school or childcare facility in regular intervals (weekly, monthly) to provide ½ hour sessions of fun movement and dance instruction.  

These sessions can be worked into the school day or be provided as after-school programming.  


Goldilocks Meets Little Red Riding Hood

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood ran into each other in the woods?  Find out in this fun and family friendly mini-ballet that’s complete with the 3 bears, the Big Bad Wolf and even a visit from the three little pigs!

This performance piece pairs fairy tales, music, and ballet to create a delightful story that entices young audiences. With an approximate 30 minute run time, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce children to the world of ballet! Performance can be done in-house at Syracuse City Ballet studios, or can be brought to schools! 

heavans gain.jpg

repertoire unfolded

Students will get a close look into the creative process during Repertoire Unfolded. The Choreographer will discuss a brief summary of the piece’s history, inspiration and choreographic process, to allow students a deeper understanding and appreciation of what they will see. Following the performance, students will be asked to discuss and identify what they saw, with the opportunity to ask the dancers questions. The students will also have an interactive experience between the company members, learning select choreography from the pieces they previously viewed.


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